You can find on this page the map of Moscow suburban train. The Moscow urban, suburban & communter train is a transit system serving the city of Moscow (Russia) with the subway, the tram and the bus.

Moscow rail map

Moscow trains are operated by Central PPK (Центральная ППК) and its network includes the following 10 lines:

• Line Belarusian (Белорусское)
• Line Gorky (Горьковское)
• Line Kazan (Казанское)
• Line Kiev (Киевское)
• Line Kursk (Курское)
• Line Paveltskoe (Павелцкое)
• Line Riga (Рижское)
• Line Savyelovskiy (Савёловское)
• Line Yaroslavl (Ярославское)
• Line Leningrad (Ленинградское)